Des Moines, IA – On Monday April 19th,  Continental Congress 2009 Delegates James Getman and Michael Angelos led the People of Iowa on the West Mall Area of the State Capitol building at 2pm in the dedication and service of the Articles of Freedom. An approximately 40 minute ceremony and formal readings and statement of purpose with music and singing ensued and was recorded as a record for Iowa and for America.

Approximately 40 Iowans were in attendance, not counting the state police officers. US Senator Grassely’s represenative Fred Schuster stayed through the entire presentation, while Ted Tran Congressman Boswell’s office left mid way. After the ceremony nearly all in attendance signed the transmittal letter cover sheet that was part of each ring bound copy of the Articles of Freedom for the six key elected scheduled to be served that day.  After hand delivering the ring bound copy to US Senator Grasley‘s representative, approximately a dozen Iowans carried on for approximately an additional two hours ensuring the following were also formally served: Iowa Governor Culver, Iowa House Speaker Murphy, Iowa Senate President Kibbie, US Senator Harkin, 3rd District US Congressman Boswell all received a ring bound copy of the Articles of Freedom via their staff or an adjacent office staff member. Each office was distributed at least 3 Summary copies of the Articles of Freedom as well and encouraged to get up to speed on the high points of the 14 violations.

A volunteer came forward to deliver the Articles to personally to Congressman Braley (1st District) in Walterloo, IA the next day.  We did send via Registered Mail the ring bound copies to the offices of Congressman Loesbeck (2nd District) , Congressman Latham (4th District) and Congressman King (5th District).

^ Part 1 of 6 – April 19th Ceremony/Presentation at State Capitol in Des Moines, Iowa

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Enough is Enough!
The People have petitioned and exercised their 1st Amendment Right for a Redress of Grievances for decades.. and the servant government has violated that right they swore an oath to uphold by NOT responding.

Not responding to the people’s demands for answers about unsound money, undeclared wars, unlawful searches and seizures, invasion of privacy, non-enforcement of immigration laws, and unapportioned taxing of our labor and private property.

Congress says, “Go to the courts,” and the courts say, “Your injury is no different than everyone else’s injury, take it up with Congress.” And thus the servant government violates their oaths of office and keep the People in a perpetual pendulum of partisan politics… all the while devastating America for the ages.

The People have had enough. They’ve assembled and reviewed the evidence and produced a series of remedial instructions to our federal and state legislators. This is beyond elections, beyond petitioning and beyond tea parties. It is time for the People to require our servant government to comply. If we do not enforce our rights, then we have no rights at all.


Join Millions at 50 State Capitols April 19th!

Beyond Elections.  Beyond Petitions. Beyond Tea Parties.

Join millions of Americans on April 19th, who simultaneously, in a peaceful showing of solidarity, descend upon each state capitol to serve the Articles of Freedom to the state legislators and offices of the federal legislators nearby.

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